Author: Christopher Kirkland

Learning from Retail loyalty

When you think about the brands you buy, do you feel part of the family? If you bought into the way they talk, you’d think we were all in love. From insurance to washing up liquid, we live in a world of desire projected onto the necessities we buy – let alone the luxuries. So, does loyalty exist – and if it does, how do you harness it for your business? The problem with emotion The truth is, we often do buy based on feelings. But these are rarely as simple as the straightforward ‘That looks good – I...

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Getting the right tone

Your tone of voice – the way you speak as a brand – is a key part of your personality. It’s every bit as important as your company name, logo, or website design. Getting the right tone of voice for your business means thinking about your audience, your goals and your brand background. Here’s how to do it. What is tone of voice? Tone of voice is: ‘not what you say, but the way you say it.’ It includes the words you choose, and also their rhythm and pace. Do it right, and your tone of voice will naturally...

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Website accessibility – a consideration???

Optimising your website comes in many guises, from helping it stand out in search results, to improving your conversion rate. One of the best ways to make sure your website, blog and social media posts work for everybody is to make them accessible. Do this, and existing users will have a better experience, plus you’ll reach more customers too. It’s easy to forget that your customers will have a wide range of abilities and even easier to overlook how best to cater for each, just see some of the stats of web users below: 11 million people in the...

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Generation Z

Our Insight team have reviewed the Ipsos MORI recently published report on Generation Z, here is a brief summary of the findings for anyone still thinking that it was all about the ‘Millennials’. Millennials are old news. Gen Z are the new focus of attention, and often wild speculation. Most of them are still very young, with the oldest only just reaching their early 20s, but they are already the subject of spurious claims and myths about who they are and what they’re going to be. Increasingly fluid: as the title of the report suggests, this generation is less boxed in. What...

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