It’s important for insurers to look out for the whole family. That’s why we also help out when customers’ furry friends get into trouble.

Pets can suffer from a range of unexpected illnesses or injuries at any time. When this happens they need personal support and a quick response – they’ve got enough to be worrying about!

Here’s a recent story, where that little bit extra made things much easier at a distressing time.

Help when you need it – preferred vet referral network

Customer: Mrs F

When Mrs F’s dog, Benson, was suffering from spinal issues her vets directed them to a referral centre. However, they wanted £750 upfront before even seeing Benson. They also wouldn’t claim directly through Mrs F’s insurance.

Mrs F then gave us a ring. We quickly organised her visit to one of our referral centres, using our vet referral network. They claimed directly through us, so Mrs F didn’t have to worry about that and asked for no extra upfront fee.

Mrs F was really happy with how our referral centre treated her and examined Benson, saying

“Our appointment with the Consultant went extremely well, she was very professional and after a thorough investigation felt we should go ahead with the MRI even though she allowed us time to think it through.”

Like any illness or injury to our pets, it’s a stressful time for all involved. However, Mrs F felt that although she was nervous and worried our

“reassurance and personal attention meant there were other aspects about the forthcoming appointment that we didn’t have to fret about.”

We dealt with the money side of things directly with the referral centre. This meant Mrs F could concentrate on looking after Benson and get him the medicine he needed. As well as this, having a speedy, professional experience makes all the difference when there’s so much to be thinking about.