Storm Doris battered the UK in February with 90mph gales, blizzards and rainstorms causing damage to homes and businesses and creating travel chaos.

Over 5,000 storm claims were reported to us as a result of Doris, yet for many staff and partners it almost passed under the radar. This is despite Doris being the third largest single storm event we’ve seen in the last 12 years.

And the reason why? It’s all down to our Home Claims teams, their diligent planning and the continued commitment shown in their readiness to help when such an event strikes.

The time they spend preparing and reviewing surge plans means that, when something happens, everyone is ready to step up – with a clear understanding of the role they play and what’s needed of them.

But how did they achieve this readiness?

Learning from our response to Storms Desmond, Frank and Eva the year before, Home Claims completed a full review of the existing plan to pinpoint yet more ways to help our customers.

This led to new plans with a number of enhancements; including levers they can pull to manage an increased volume of claims, and a dedicated surge team with a surge controller who can deploy tried and tested options in any event including storms, floods and explosions.

Our Suppliers played a vital role, too; working extending hours and at weekends to be there to help us support our customers.

All together this meant that, within just a few weeks of Storm Doris, we’d managed to settle the majority of those 5,000+ claims. A truly amazing result.

Of course, what really counts is what our customers think. And we’re pleased to say they couldn’t have been more appreciative of our efforts:

It was an excellent service all round: helpful, straightforward, quick and efficient. I was very impressed with the people I spoke to; they were charming, very sympathetic and did the best they could for me.

RSA customer

I am incredibly proud of the team’s performance throughout Storm Doris.  The energy and flexibility that both the Home claims team and our suppliers demonstrated evidences our true dedication to our customers.  It also shows the value of all the work that went into planning ahead.

Suzy Tiffany

RSA’s Director of Home Claims