A bit of background

Worryingly, estimates show between 30-60% of the UK’s dogs are obese, a figure that’s rising every year. RSA insures more than one million cats and dogs in the UK so, as the largest insurer of the nation’s favourite household pets, we want to help our customers help their furry friends.

That’s why we’re pleased to reveal, we’ve made our first external investment in a technology company – Pitpatpet Ltd, the creators of the PitPat dog activity monitor and dog care intelligence data platform.

This is a fantastic triumph for our Connected Insurance team in our Personal Lines business, who are continuing to drive our agenda in emerging technologies and enable us to create new, innovative propositions for our customers that deliver mutual benefits.

What is PitPat?


PitPat is a unique product and attaches quickly and securely to a dog’s collar where it has a battery life of over a year. Owners download the free iOS or Android app and create a profile for their pet, based on the dog’s age, breed and weight.

PitPat then suggests a daily activity goal to help owners keep their pet fit and healthy by making informed lifestyle choices. Owners can view daily updates on their pet’s activity levels, noting how much walking, running, playing and resting they’ve been doing and also see a daily “calories burnt” count.

The really clever element of PitPat is that owners can for the first time use real-time data to monitor how their pet is behaving and how that behaviour might affect their health. Using this information, they can make smart decisions to prevent disease – helping our customers give their dogs the best and healthiest life possible.

PitPat also has some compelling advantages over the competition – it’s a low cost device, with the potential of allowing us to incorporate it within a Pet insurance proposition; and it has a very-long battery life (more than one year in normal service), ensuring on-going usage.

Over time, PitPat will be able to assemble a large database of doggy data including exercising and feeding habits. By knowing when owners exercise and play with their dogs we could better understand insurance risks, develop new propositions and target particular risk profiles.


How much did we invest in PitPat?

We have made a small but significant investment in PitPat – the finer details are commercially sensitive and we will not be releasing any details about the figures involved.


Are we planning to introduce a tracker to pet insurance customers?

We expect in the not too distant future that we will be giving our customers a preferential purchase rate to use the PitPat tracker for their pets.