RSA’s insight partner, Foresight Factory, analyses some of the emerging trends around how the relationships consumers have with their homes are evolving.


Few things are as emotive as the home.  It is our sanctuary, a place for entertaining our friends and family, and – for many – an appreciating asset.  Advances in technology and in particular entertainment choice, make our homes increasingly comfortable and connected.  Restaurants, shops and cinemas have to work harder to tempt people away from box sets and Netflix, while Amazon Prime ensures that home deliveries happen within 24 hours, bringing a host of items to us with a quick voice command.  Public houses – icons of British culture – are reducing in number as we can enjoy a huge variety of drinks delivered to our homes with the weekly grocery shop (since 1982 the number of pubs has declined by 25%).   The dwindling number of public houses is a consequence of what is happening in our own houses.