When water gets out of control, it can be a nightmare for all involved.

So this is when insurers have a chance to really show they care by responding with speed and sympathy to distressed customers.

Here are some recent stories from our world which helped change a fraught experience into something more positive entirely.

Beating the clock – with an unexpected extra

Customer: Mr M

Claims handler: Isabella Colleran-Sutcliffe

When he made contact with our MORE TH>N specialist team about a leak, Mr M knew he was up against a ticking clock, and it would be a tight squeeze to get the works completed. He was due to go into hospital within days, and needed to get the claim resolved before his admission.

So, when Mr M spoke to Izzy, she promised to review the claim and get back to him before the end of the day. Izzy got to work immediately, using our building scoping tool to validate the claim, then called Mr M back. He’d booked the work in, so to avoid any delay, Izzy issued the cash settlement, speeding the claim along.

Mr M was delighted to get the peace of mind he needed before going into hospital, and was impressed by the service he received. And this wasn’t the end.

Izzy then went further, above and beyond her duty to sorting out her customer’s immediate problem, to cap off his experience with a thoughtful gift.

She used her ‘Moreness’ – the power we give our handlers to delight claimants with an extra special gesture – to send Mr M a radio to listen to while he recovered.

Smoothly does it: taking the stress away for a nervous first-timer 

Customer: Mrs H

Claims handler: Stephen Jamieson

Mrs H contacted MORE TH>N to register a new claim for a leaking dishwasher. A straightforward enough case, Stephen thought, when he took the call.

But he immediately realised that his customer needed that little bit extra reassurance, as she had never had to make a claim before. Stephen went through the entire process and explained the next steps to her.

Mrs H was so impressed by the care he took, she had this to say:

‘Steve was excellent, it was easy to understand and it was easy to do. Absolutely marvellous – and I was really dreading it because I have never made a claim before!’

  • Of course, it pays to remember that superb service in a crisis can leave a lasting impression.

RSA recently received a card a decade down the line from customers who remembered our work to ease the struggle of coping with the 2007 Gloucester flood – part of horrific year for flooding, and hard work for home claims teams.

  • And while we’re thinking of water, there’s just time to mention Mr A – whose hole in the bath was fixed at the request of RSA.

“He can walk on water,” Mr A said of John, who left his tub looking like new…