Who are they?

In 2015, Phoebe Hugh quit her job as an underwriter at Aviva and started Brolly with a view to revolutionise the world of insurance.

Along with an ex Microsoft software developer Mikhail Loginov, they’ve launched an app designed to be your personal insurance concierge.

What they do

So, apart from a beautiful website, just what does Brolly have to offer? Back in 2016 we downloaded the Beta app to find out.

After answering a few home, household and insurance product questions, we were encouraged to upload all current policies.

The app then analysed how well insured we were, and highlights any missing cover.  As you’d expect, the app offered a quote for any missing policies. They see the app as having three distinct sections:

  • Advisor: the concierge side of the app where you are informed about gaps in your coverage
  • Locker: where you store all your policies, key dates and contact details
  • Shop: where you’re shown quotes so you can fill any insurance gaps you have

What makes Brolly different?

What’s useful about Brolly is having one central place to keep all your insurance policies – it provides a way to keep track of what you’re spending on insurance, plus all of your expiry dates.  You can even synch it with your Gmail so any policies mailed to you will automatically appear.

What does it mean for the industry?

Brolly has found a way to gain rich customer data and provide a useful service in return – they claim to price on the holistic profile of each individual, rather than from traditional actuarial product pricing models.

With their platform poised to integrate with wearable devices and car telematics in the future it’s definitely one to watch in the world of disrupters.