Who are they?

Due to launch mid-2017, Sweet Cover is a UK startup providing contents insurance for customers with a social conscience.

They promise to be cheaper, faster, simpler, and fairer than other insurers, with profits going to a charity of your choice.

You can’t take out a policy just yet, but you can get a quote and join their waiting list.


How does it work?

Chatbot Caroline gives you an offer for the cover you need – then you simply choose your charity.

Sweet Cover will deduct their operating costs from your premium, plus any claims they pay out to you. They donate the remainder to your chosen charity.  You can choose from their six suggested causes, or add your own.

Their product offering seems fairly standard with Accidental Damage and Legal Cover as optional extras. But what really sets Sweet Cover apart is the social enterprise element.

The chatbot approach promises a super-fast claims service. In fact, Sweet Cover says they should be able to pay some claims within a couple of seconds!


What makes them different?

Other than the charitable element and the claims efficiency? Well, we’ve tried and tested their quote journey and it’s simple, friendly, and free from insurance jargon. In short, a breath of fresh air.


What does it mean for the industry?

For customers looking for simple, fast cover for their contents and possessions, Sweet Cover seems promising. For customers wanting a hassle-free claims service and an instant pay-out, it also looks appealing. And for customers wanting all this plus a charitable element… well, Sweet Cover could just be onto something very disruptive indeed.

Social enterprise in the insurance industry is rare, so it’s great to see a start-up that’s putting charity before profits. It will be interesting to watch this one and see how sustainable this model is – and also how quickly they can scale up their customer base.

But if Sweet Cover can fulfil claims as quickly as they say, they could soon be tapping into the type of success seen by the likes of Lemonade in the States.